Application Updates

PolyClock is under active development; enhancements and bug fixes are continually being worked on. Below you'll find a history of these updates, with a brief list of the changes which occurred in each.

If you installed PolyClock through the Google Play Store, Samsung Glaxy Apps, or Amazon Appstore, you should receive notification of updates automatically. Otherwise, head on over to our Download page for a link to the latest and greatest.

Version Date Summary of Changes
7.1 24 Oct 2015
  • Update time zone rules for Turkey, Fiji, and Norfolk Island (tzdata 2015g)
  • Fix text color bug in Verbal widget
  • Fix bug with day/night background offset in portrait
  • Fix AM/PM formatting issue on Marshmallow
7.0.1 22 Aug 2015
  • Fix a couple of crashes in the 7.0 release
7.0 19 Aug 2015
  • Add new widget style: Verbal
  • Rebuild time/date selection dialog
  • Update time zone rules for North Korea and Uruguay (tzdata 2015f)
  • Various minor bug fixes
6.14 15 Jun 2015
  • Update time zone rules for Morocco & Cayman Islands (tzdata 2015e)
  • Update custom color preferences
  • Make local clock more obvious on widgets (Android 3.1+)
  • Tweak default daylight-blue color on Android 5
  • Add forward-compatibility with upcoming watch faces
  • Fix bug: occasionally showing multiple zone-change notifications
6.13 26 Apr 2015
  • Update time zone rules for Egypt DST change (tzdata 2014d)
  • Add a setting for “Register as ZIP handler”
  • Improve widget background graphics on Android 3.1+
  • Improve map/globe fling behavior
  • Improve zone change notification icon for Android 5
6.12 16 Apr 2015
  • Enhance alarm functionality on Android 5 (Lollipop)
  • Update time zone rules for Egypt DST change (tzdata 2015c)
  • Fix bug: website link from About screen not working
6.11.1 27 Mar 2015
  • Fix alarm notification bug on Android 5 (Lollipop)
6.11 25 Mar 2015
  • Add option for always-on date display
  • Update time zone rules for Palestine & Mongolia DST changes (tzdata 2015b)
  • Add Open Source Licenses to About screen
  • Improve placename lookup
  • Standardize entry for Ho Chi Minh City, VN in internal database
  • Rename “Jelly Bean” clock font to “Roboto”
  • Fix bug with Bangladesh & Bhutan time zone AGAIN (update to Joda-Time 2.7)
  • Improve compatibility with Android 5 (Lollipop)
  • Discontinue support for Android 2.1 and 2.2
6.10 1 Feb 2014
  • Update time zone rules for Chile and Quintana Roo (tzdata 2015a)
  • Correct some time zone boundaries in northwestern Canada
  • Fix compatibility issues with Nexus 6 and 9
6.9.1 20 Dec 2014
  • Remove read phone status and identity permission (erroneously added by Android Studio build toolchain)
6.9 18 Dec 2014
  • Add Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station to internal location database
  • Fix bug for Bangladesh & Bhutan time zone
  • Fix alarm backup issue affecting certain HTC devices
6.8 17 Nov 2014
  • Update time zone rules for Turks & Caicos Islands (tzdata 2014j)
  • Correct some issues with the new Russian time zones from v6.6
  • Improve time zone boundaries in the Caspian Sea
  • Fix bug: daylight bars drawing incorrectly on digital widget pre-Android 3.1
  • Fix bug: setting an alarm causing a crash on Amazon Fire Phone
6.7 24 Oct 2014
  • Update time zone rules for Fiji and Papua New Guinea (tzdata 2014i)
  • Fix bug: local alarm time zone set to UTC+0:00 when "Look up by location" turned on in Local clock settings
  • Fix some widget rendering issues
  • Fix alarm bug on Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
6.6.1 19 Oct 2014
  • Fix bug: earlier/later reversed on Details screen
6.6 19 Oct 2014
  • Add action buttons & app icon to timezone-change notification
  • Translate to Chinese (Simplified)
  • Update other translations
  • Update time zone rules for Russia, Egypt, and Morocco (tzdata 2014h)
  • Update internal JodaTime library to v2.5
  • Increase size of analog widget clocks
  • Fix DST change bug: start date off by 1 day when change occurs at midnight
6.5 17 May 2014
  • Update DST rule for Egypt (tzdata 2014c)
  • Clear location when deleting Local clock
  • Fix bug: crash after leaving Permissions screen on pre-Jellybean installations from non-Google app stores
6.4 28 Mar 2014
  • Time zone change for Crimea (tzdata 2014b)
  • Improve time zone borders around Greece and Turkey
  • Improve alarm notification icons (this is also preparing for Android Wear)
  • Fix bug: partial transparency in resizable widget goes away
  • Fix bug: local clock moving to top of list when when "Use device location" selected
  • Fix some rare crash bugs
  • Refactor the About screen
6.3 3 Mar 2014
  • Update DST rule for Turkey
  • Increase size of (small) analog widget clocks & text (Android 3.2+)
  • Improve handling of search by country name in Add / Edit Clock dialog
  • Improve load time & memory usage of map & globe
  • Refine timezone boundary between Britain and mainland Europe
  • Change alarm behavior on Kindle Fire HDX: hitting Home button when ringing now silences alarm
  • Fix bug on Kindle Fire HD: alarm not sounding if "Mute All Notifications" system setting checked
  • Fix rare crash in Local clock properties dialog
  • Fix bug: widget very occasionally goes completely blank
  • Fix bug in alarm volume when switching between system and custom
  • Fix rare crash after hitting Edit on alarm notification
6.2 19 Jan 2014
  • Update basemap
  • Update DST rule for Fiji
  • Reduce occurrence of slow widget redraws occurring on some devices
  • Improve analog widget sizing on various home screen / display combinations
  • Improve layout of date/time dialog on tablets
  • Standardize text colors in various places
  • Fix bug (introduced in 6.1): Local clock not picking up changes to device time zone
  • Fix some issues in Details window when moving quickly between zones
  • Fix bug: "Apply" actionbar icon enabled when multiple clocks selected on main screen
  • Fix bug displaying times during DST transition
  • Fix bugs related to having multiple clocks in the same zone
6.1 1 Jan 2014
  • Update DST rule for Jordan (tzdata 2013i)
  • Improve alarm behavior on Android 4.3+
  • Improve battery use of resizable widgets
  • Improve digital widget spacing under full transparency
  • Change time zone overlay on Satellite map/globe to light gray (for visibility on ice-covered areas)
  • Fix bug: widget using excessive battery when logging enabled
  • Fix bug in Apply Zone function
6.0 25 Nov 2013
  • Add rich notifications for alarms (Android 3+)
  • DST changes for Palestine, Jordan, Libya, Acre, Western Sahara (tzdata 2013h)
  • Add "GMT" to the UTC zone name
  • Support Android 4.4 (KitKat)
    • GDrive backup/restore location now included in Other App
  • Add an alarm settings item for auto-silence delay
  • Increase height of bottom actionbar on details dialog for tall screens
  • Change date buttons on Details to +/-
  • Improve automatic location handling
  • Improve scaling of custom color picker
  • Reorganize About screen
  • Standardize design of Settings screen across platforms
  • Support Apply of local zone (enables correction of erroneous system TZ)
  • Fix some other bugs in Apply Zone
  • Correct time zone border in far eastern Quebec
  • Fix bug: DST ending an hour late in some zones
  • Fix bug: AM/PM indicator sometimes too small in portrait
  • Fix bug: alarm indicators on main activity sometimes not updating
  • Fix a couple of display glitches on low-density screens
  • Fix indent of radiobutton settings
5.4 23 Sep 2013
  • Update server domain for online functionality
  • Update DST for Tocantins and Fiji (tzdata 2013e+)
  • Correct time zone boundaries for Greenland, Bahia (Brazil), and the Azores
  • Correct name of "CA Atlantic Time"
  • Improve load time for main activity's initial layout
  • Adjust background transparency on Large resizable widget (Android 3.1+)
  • Make satellite imagery download more fault-tolerant
  • Fix bug: digital widget background not updating correctly
  • Fix transient AM/PM display glitch in digital & large-analog widgets for long clock lists
  • Fix bug: DST transition dates sometimes wrong for high-longitude locations
  • Fix bug: map/globe not showing some zones with non-integer hour offsets
  • Fix bug: applying zone w/o city would insert the city from the previous Local clock
  • Fix rare crash bug in Date/Time dialog
  • Fix rare crash in Sort function
5.3 24 Aug 2013
  • Fix bug: Details window showing wrong date for locations where it's different from local
  • Fix rendering glitch on analog widgets for zones with no location
  • Add XXHDPI launcher icon
5.2 14 Aug 2013
  • Reduce battery usage of widgets
  • Correct border between Omsk and Krasnoyarsk time zones
  • Fix bug in ActionBar on Android 4.0 & 4.1 when time shifted
  • Fix bug: alarm sounds but dialog doesn't display if notifications disabled on Android 4.1+
  • Fix various minor issues with Android 4.3
  • Fix rare crash bug during orientation change
  • Fix crash if only zone on list is deleted from Details dialog
5.1 13 Jul 2013
  • Tweak ActionBars on certain devices
  • Update clock list icon for Android 3+
  • Fix crash in digital widgets when set to 100% transparency pre-Android-3.1
  • Fix a few translation glitches
  • Fix bug: zone spinner (on Add/Edit Clock) requiring multiple taps to open
  • Fix bug: analog clock black for some high-latitude locations in summer
5.01 6 Jul 2013
  • Fix crash after upgrade from 5.0
5.0 6 Jul 2013
  • Add backup & restore (Android 2.3+)
  • Add ability to select which clocks show on the widget
  • Add +/- buttons to time scale on main screen
  • Add start/end dates of DST (summer time) to Details window
  • Add new Jelly Bean font
  • Add option to keep screen on while charging
  • Add support for desk dock
  • Add separate time zones for Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Falkland Islands
  • Support new DST rules for Chile, Haiti, Morocco, Palestine, Paraguay (tzdata 2013d)
  • Improve zone boundaries in Mexico, far northeast Asia, and several places around South America
  • Send log as an attachment rather than embedded in email (Android 4.1+)
  • Reorganize actionbar/menu items on main & details screens
  • Bring UI up to date with Holo design style (Android 3+)
  • Improve formatting of widgets
  • Improve notification icons on various devices
  • Update launcher icon
  • Fix location lookup problem on non-Google devices
  • Fix alarm problems on 4.2 tablets
  • Fix bug: dawn/dusk gradient not showing for certain high-latitude locations
  • Fix bug: Sort by name not handling city-less zones correctly
  • Fix layout bug in landscape for non-English translations
  • NUMEROUS other bug fixes
  • Remove analytics
  • Remove app from sale to non-touchscreen devices
  • Discontinue support for Android 1.6 (Cupcake) and 2.0
4.01 19 Dec 2012
  • Make alarms work with multiple user accounts (Android 4.2+)
  • Fix ActionBar glitch when clock row(s) selected for non-current times on Android 2.x
4.0 16 Dec 2012
  • New DST rules for Fiji, Western Samoa, Palestine, Bahia, Israel, and Jordan (tzdata 2012j)
  • Update Japanese translation
  • Make the alarm alert buttons bigger (easier to hit when sleepy!)
  • Add a neutral background to widget rows for clocks without a location
  • Add sorting by label
  • Support lockscreen widgets (Android 4.2+)
  • Add "Use system alarm volume" option
  • Add send-log functionality to About screen (Android 4.1+)
  • Add About items for VM heap and maximum texture size
  • Fix UI glitches on HDPI tablets
  • Fix bug: resizable widget fonts too big if placed on homescreen before app settings opened
  • Fix issue with day/night bars for certain dates/locations
  • Fix a couple of widget city-name formatting glitches
3.7 27 Aug 2012
  • Translate to Spanish, Russian, and Korean
  • Update existing translations
  • Improve responsiveness of time-scale swiping
  • Enable horizontal resizing of digital widget (Android 3.1+)
  • Improve formatting on digital widget
  • Increase the size range for widget clock and city fonts
  • Revise action bar icons when clock row[s] selected
  • Integrate the final 2012e tzdata (previous release was preliminary)
  • Correct timezone entries in internal database for 3 cities in Bulgaria
  • Fix bug: screen staying on if alarm not manually dismissed/snoozed
  • Fix some layout issues on certain devices
  • Fix some inconsistencies when device set to language that app not translated to
3.6 26 Jul 2012
  • Update time zones for Morocco and Tokelau (tzdata 2012e)
  • Refine time zone border around Singapore, Malaysia, and Sumatra
  • Correct longitude of Nuku'alofa in time zone database
  • Add an option for notification icon when one or more alarms is active
  • Update a few icons for Android 3+
  • Remove the big "Add Alarm" button on Android 3+
  • Fix behavior on Android 4 where the alarm dialog could be dismissed by tapping elsewhere on the screen
  • Fix bug: resizable widget names not localized
  • Fix bug: alarm alert not using selected font
  • Fix crash on some FHD (1920x1200) devices
  • Fix large widget size on Android 4 (was 3x3, now 3x2)
  • Fix bug: unchecking "Show Local clock" in Settings didn't delete alarms for Local zone
3.5 9 May 2012
  • Add a menu (⋮) button to title bar for pre-ICS phones.
  • Fix bug: cities missing from Zone dropdown on Add/Edit Clock window.
  • Fix occasional crash errors in Add/Edit Clock window and Local Clock settings.
  • Correct time zone for Armenia (note that you may need to delete and re-add affected clocks).
3.4 2 May 2012
  • Add tzdata ID to Data screen
  • Fix bug: Enabling auto-correct caused continuous zone updates on Android 4
  • Fix bug: Resizable digital widget height wrong when location not known (Android 3.1+)
3.3 29 Apr 2012
  • Add UTC/GMT as a separate time zone
  • Remove Indian city of Bali from placename autocomplete (was easily confused with Indonesia)
  • Improve handling of high-latitude locations (like north & south poles)
  • Improve app stability on certain mid-range handsets
  • Reduce flicker in the resizable widgets
  • Improve load speed of map/globe
  • Integrate final 2012c version of tzdata
  • Fix bug: alarms intermittently failing on Kindle Fire when device asleep
  • Fix issue in updating the local city name on the widgets
  • Fix bug in day/night clock on digital widget
3.2.0 30 Mar 2012
  • Implement DST changes for Chile, Falkland Islands, Armenia, Haiti, Cuba, Syria, and Morocco. Note that you may need to delete and re-add affected cities for this to take effect.
  • Add an optional indicator for when a zone is in summer vs. winter time.
  • Add day-of-week option for day displays on main screen & large widgets.
  • Add day-of-week to Details window when screen width permits.
  • Add option to not translate times to non-European numeral systems.
  • Update German, French, and Japanese translations
  • Fix bug: changing date/time by keyboard not taking effect if OK immediately pressed.
  • Fix bug: some zones showing spring DST transition at wrong time (such as 3AM instead of 2AM).
  • Fix a few rare crash errors.
3.1.0 15 Feb 2012
  • Overhaul Alarm system
  • Permissions changes:
    • Remove 5 more permissions
    • Add Permissions info to About screen
  • Minor UI tweaks:
    • Autocomplete item height on Kindle Fire
    • Large widget cell width on xlarge screens
  • Make Analytics opt-in (rather than opt-out) for Amazon Appstore
  • Fix occasional "Force close" error from the resizable (HC/ICS) widgets
  • Fix some issues handling orientation changes in Detail and Date/Time dialogs
3.0.1 12 Feb 2012
  • Initial BlackBerry PlayBook release
3.0.0 6 Feb 2012
  • Add satellite "color scheme" for map & globe
  • Add a user-editable "label" field to each zone clock
  • Add settings option for 12/24-hour digital clocks
  • Add Ice Cream Sandwich clock font
  • Overhaul long-press behavior on main zone list
  • New technique for displaying Local clock
  • Replace "Edit Clock" with "Clock Properties"
  • Change UI colors to better match Android 2+ (Froyo+)
  • Tweak shape of hands on analog clocks
  • Support time zone changes for Samoa, Tokelau, Cuba, Fiji (includes dynamic Int'l Date Line)
  • Support type-to-search in main activity
  • Improve support for Android 3+ (Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich)
    • Restyle actionbar icons
    • Add new clock color option to match Android highlight
    • Change to resizable widgets (3.1+)
  • Improve compatibility with Kindle Fire
  • Improve manual location entry
    • Replace negative coordinates with hemisphere toggle
    • Work around device-specific bug: negative & decimal entry doesn't work on Kindle Fire
    • General improvements to data consistency
  • Make zone/city names and AM/PM localization optional
  • Split out clock color customization from globe/map colors
  • Improve custom color picker for Android 3+ devices
  • Change alarm duration from 10 to 2 minutes
  • Add Contact links and System Settings to About screen
  • Remove the Settings item to disable "Notify on auto-correct"
  • Remove DEVICE_POWER permission
  • Discontinue support for Android 1.5 (Cupcake)
  • Misc. performance tuning & bug fixes throughout app
2.4.2 14 Nov 2011
  • Fix "force close" error on startup that a few users were experiencing
  • Fix issue with partial transparency on widgets
  • Add widget previews for Honeycomb & ICS
  • Support NOOK Tablet
2.4.1 8 Nov 2011
  • Fix some lingering DST edge cases
  • Correct outlines of Yakutst, Vladivostok, and Magadan zones
  • Bug fixes in Date/Time dialog:
    • pressing OK wasn't applying city selection
    • scrolling fields slow on Honeycomb
2.4.0 1 Nov 2011
  • Add internal tzdata table, fixing incorrect zones for former Soviet states. NOTE: clocks for cities in FET (such as Minsk) will need to be deleted and re-added.
  • Add "About PolyClock" to Settings.
  • Fix bug: OK/Cancel buttons not visible in Date/Time dialog in landscape on large-screen tablets.
2.3.1 27 Oct 2011
  • Fix bug: Details dialog intermittently showed "No sunrise/set today"
  • Fix "force close" error in Alarms screen
  • Fix bug: globe not showing lat/lon grid or int'l date line until a zone selected
  • Tone down brightness of int'l date line on globe & map
  • Performance tuning on main screen
  • Improve layout of Date/Time dialog on some devices
  • Improve warning about alarms when device powered off
  • Initial support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
2.3.0 23 Sep 2011
  • Add color scheme customization
  • Add option for infinite scrolling
  • Add menu item for "Back to Now" when timeshifted on main activity
  • Add date option to large widgets
  • Add warning about alarms not working when device is off
  • Add option to reverse the time scale header
  • Add Simplified Chinese translation
  • Fix bug: "Please comment" message was showing more than once
  • Fix bug: crash on long-press of a row in alarm list
  • Fix formatting of sunrise/sunset line on the Details page
  • Enable soft-keyboard autocompletes when entering a city name
  • Improve localization of zone-default city names
  • Improve memory management
  • Preliminary Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility
2.2.1 1 Aug 2011
  • Add Japanese translation
  • Fix bug: app name in Launcher showed as this app for some languages
  • Fix crash if Date/Time or Alarms opened with empty clock list
  • Adjust enabled status of ActionBar items based on selection
  • Add icons to Sort menu
  • Change menu icon for Apply Zone
  • Decrease lag when scrolling clock list
  • Improve alarm alert behavior, auxiliary menu on Nook Color
  • Fix bug: deleting clock with alarms didn't cancel currently active alarm
  • Catch more out-of-memory errors when loading map & globe
2.2.0 20 Jul 2011
  • Change action bar icons for Honeycomb
  • Add action bar to pre-Honeycomb devices
  • Other minor formatting tweaks
  • Move International Date Line around Kiribati
  • Other time zone corrections mid-Pacific
  • Remove Egypt Summer Time for 2011 onwards
  • Add French and German translations
  • Fix font sizes on Galaxy Tab 7
  • Improve button spacing on Nook Color
2.1.2 14 Jun 2011
  • Address some font & dialog appearance issues
2.1.1 7 Jun 2011
  • Fix bug: crash from alarm alert popup
  • Fix bug: occasional crash when dragging zones within list
2.1.0 2 Jun 2011
  • Improve load speed for map/globe shadow
  • Make "Edit" menu item for Local clock link to "Local clock settings"
  • Make globe "pin" size consistent across varying screen sizes
  • Add warning about widget/SD incompatibility
  • Improve layout of alarm list
  • Adjust colors of monochrome map/globe
  • Add basic Honeycomb support
  • Add Nook Color support
  • Fix bug: collision between PolyClock alarms and system alarms
  • Fix bug: not detecting 12/24 correctly in landscape
  • Fix bug: first clock sometimes not selectable when app first launched
  • Fix bug: font setting not persisting
  • Fix bug: removing location providers not clearing Local clock location
  • Fix bug: "Undo" from zone change intent not setting the Local clock back
2.0.3 23 Apr 2011
  • Fix bug: time zone changes not being picked up by widget
  • Fix bug: errors after hitting OK on Details dialog
  • Improve screen orientation change speed
  • Modify widget click to follow ringer volume
  • Improve side to side swiping on clock list
2.0.2 19 Apr 2011
  • Fix bug: Droid Sans font not showing
  • Fix issue in default alternate day colors
  • Misc. performance tuning
2.0.1 18 Apr 2011
  • Fix occasional Force Close error in Alarms list
  • Improve placement of alarm icon
  • Shorten placename format for Local clock
2.0.0 13 Apr 2011
  • Alarms
  • Date/time selector
  • Detail view
  • Apply Zone functionality
  • Color, lat/lon lines on globe & map
  • Sortable clock list
  • Honeycomb clock font
  • New larger widgets
  • Widget appearance options
  • Keyclick & haptic feedback on widget buttons
  • Time zone search
  • Install to SD
  • Corrected time zone border for Indonesia
  • MANY smaller bug fixes & enhancements!
1.1.5 24 Jan 2011
  • Fix bug: cities at same latitude showed same digital daylight clock
  • Fix bug: 24-hour time not showing on digital widgets
  • Fix bug: time scale display incorrect on QVGA
  • Fix bug: crash (force close) when scrolled beyond yesterday/tomorrow in some configurations
  • Fix occasional app-not-responding message
1.1.4 21 Jan 2011
  • Fix bug: 12/24-hour numeric formats reversed
1.1.3 19 Jan 2011
  • Improve city entry on Add/Edit Clock dialog
  • Improve tablet compatibility
  • Fix bug: time scale didn't appear when app opened with map drawer closed in portrait orientation
  • Fix AM/PM display for non-English languages
  • Improve cache management
1.1.2 23 Dec 2010
  • Gingerbread (Android 2.3) comptibility
  • Fix bug: FC after Settings closed with null location
  • Tweak spacing of analog widget text
1.1.1 19 Dec 2010
  • Fix "white globe" bug on Android 2.1
  • Fix bug: highlit zone lost after Settings opened
  • Improve stability when orientation change interrupted
  • Misc. minor performance and UI tweaks
1.1.0 15 Dec 2010
  • Add int'l date line to basemap
  • Add color options to yesterday/tomorrow display
  • Enlarge numbers on analog clock face
  • Fix bug: renaming city within same zone didn't save
  • Correct longitude of Nuku'alofa
  • Tweak zone highlit color
1.0.0 14 Dec 2010
  • Initial public release